Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Stop Dog Agression

There can be a number  of elements that can cause Dog Agression, here are four of the most common tips that may work for your dog.

Minimize Fear – Fear can be quite a powerful motivator for aggression in dogs too. To reduce fear in your pet’s life, do not ever use negative punishment. It is never ok to hit, spank, or otherwise physically or verbally abuse a dog. Abuse often leads to dog aggression and it can also significantly damage your relationship with your pet. Correct unwanted behaviors as an alternative to punishing them. It’s also important not to reinforce any fear they already have by giving them lots of attention when they’re upset. That will only serve to cause more of the behavior.

 Keep your pet mentally stimulated – Various dogs, especially highly intelligent breeds, have a tendency to become aggressive when they lack enough things to challenge them not just physically but mentally as well. Anxiety, boredom and other emotional problems cause by boredom can all cause aggression in dogs. Be sure you are giving your dog plenty of attention as well as toys and challenging games to play.

Plenty of Healthy food and Exercise – Keep your doggy properly exercised and give them healthy, nourishing food. Although poor nutrition caused by giving your dog low quality dog food doesn’t directly cause dog aggression, a deficiency of nutritional requirements can certainly aggravate it.

 Change your Feeding Routine – For those who have other dogs, cats, or animals in their household, stopping dog aggression may be as simple as changing how you feed your pets. Many dogs become aggressive over the food dish. The best way to stop this type of behavior is to feed the aggressive dog in a different room from other pets.

Stay away from Triggers – Once you discover what specifically sparks your dog’s aggressive behavior, the easiest method to stop dog aggression is to avoid the trigger. Your pet may not like to be around children or they may want to fight other dogs when they are on a leash. Obviously, it may always be possible to avoid whatever triggers your pooch, but making an attempt to keep them away from the negative stimuli whenever possible can help you minimize their aggressive behavior.

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